Who We Are

More than just accounting

With knowledge and experience of managing small businesses, at Victorstone Accountants (VSA) we fully understand and appreciate the challenges faced by business owners in today’s commercial environment. These challenges include the ever changing landscape in business technology, fundamental laws being enacted or modified and geopolitical matters such as our impending departure from the EU.

Being able to manage and overcome the obstacles to having a successful business requires more than good fortune and especially when sales are subdued which of course will always occur from time-to-time. We all know that having a ‘Plan B’ in place for when challenging times arise gives peace-of-mind, but as most business owners would say, time to make such plans is scarce when you are busy trying to make a living.

At VSA we can put together plans that will help your business through challenging times and as a customer it will cost nothing extra. As well as this we can also assist you with HMRC debts in case you are struggling  to pay your VAT or PAYE commitments on time.


We know how much you put into your business and what it means to you. That is why we want to go the extra mile in helping you as our valued client so that your business is successful. When you become a client you won’t just hear from us as and when required, we will always be available to give you time when you need advice and guidance on something you may be planning for your business, or perhaps something you were not expecting has or will happen. Whatever, we know that you and your business will come up against many challenges, but with our knowledge and experience we can help you prepare for when the unexpected occurs.

Legal, Finance and Accounting

Our board of directors each come from distinguished backgrounds within legal and financial advice as well as accounting. With our combined knowledge and experience from within these sectors and being solely focussed on small business, you are guaranteed a service that will provide essential support in areas vital to your business.