Shop Owners

You may be the owner of a shop selling anything from clothing to bicycles, whatever, you will no doubt have a range of suppliers, mainly wholesalers,  whom you will always be purchasing from to maintain your stock levels. On the other side of the coin you will be looking to sell enough units to customers to pay for your running costs including purchases for more stock, rent, payroll, business rates, etc, in other words a lot of careful balancing to keep the wheels turning!

Regardless of the kind of entity you are using or intend to use for your business, be it as a sole trader, limited company or partnership,  you have many commitments and formalities that require regular and careful attention if your business is to be sustainable and profitable.

Our Enterprise Package

From just £99 per month we will manage your VAT and payroll as well as preparing your annual accounts and self-assessment tax return. Once we have obtained all necessary information we can process your payroll and distribute employees’s payslips at the required frequency, be it monthly or weekly. As well as this we will process your quarterly VAT returns, annual accounts and self-assessment tax return. For more details go to Service Packages where you can view other similar offers of our services.

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