Business Finance

Obtaining finance for your business is sometimes necessary and makes good sense…not for reasons such as struggling sales or cash flow problems, but for matters such as planned expansion or upgrading of your business.

Lenders are always willing to provide finance, but only if all their risk concerns are satisfied which requires information such as a business plan as well as up-to-date profit and loss accounts. We can assist you in applying for finance by ensuring you have the necessary documentation in the form of a business plan, profit and loss or anything else related to your business accounts that a prospective lender may require.

Application Referrals

Unless you have a particular lender or broker you want to apply to for finance, we do have relations with some reputable bodies specialising in various types of finance whom we can forward an application on your behalf.

Which Type of finance?

We are not brokers, but as your accountants and with knowledge of the types of finance listed below, we can suggest which type may work for you based on your business accounts and plans.

Business Loans

Bridging Finance

Asset Finance

Commercial Mortgage